If you have a musculoskeletal Disorder - There is Probably a Phyoga For It

Alternatively, begin a healthy Phyoga habit for overall routine maintenance of your health and enjoy a happy lifestyle

What is Phyoga?

Phyoga is a set of targeted exercises to support improvements of certain musculoskeletal ailments and diseases. Phyoga combines traditional Yoga, Pilates and other forms of alternative therapies with medically proven physiotherapy for specific musculoskeletal disorders and rehabilitation.
e.g. There is a Phyoga for sciatica! There is a Phyoga for neck pain etc. As well as targeted exercises, Phyoga will also offer daily maintenance routines for improved strength, flexibility and posture.
Phyoga aims to prevent many of the MSK ailments with regular use of its programs over a period of time. Our extensive research shows certain yoga poses may help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels whilst also improving circulation. Regular practice of Phyoga may even help reduce your risk for other complications of diabetes, such as heart disease.

Find Your Phyoga Program

These Phyoga programs will help you relieve tension, stress, and bring you into balance.

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Who is Phyoga For?

Phyoga aims to assist people with ailments such as sciatica, back pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain and many more musculoskeletal disorders. Regular Practicing of Phyoga will help improve muscle strength, regulate blood pressure, maintain cardiovascular system, manage sleep etc. Phyoga will promote overall movement and health related quality of life for people of all ages and gender. However, it is expected that the key beneficiaries are people of ages above 45.


Our Popular Phyoga Programs

Practice by choosing a program of specific ailment you have or simply use a maintenance routine to improve your general health and lifestyle

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Meet Some Of Our Phyoga Contributors

Our global contributors include qualified medical professionals as well as trained yogis.

Dr Rica Wadhwani

phyoga program developer

India based physiotherapist, nutritionist and personal trainer specialising in (but not limited to) sports therapy and orthopaedics . Richa completed her Masters degree and Fellowship in India. She has over 11 years of clinical experience in developing rehab exercise programs, women’s health and fitness, geriatric health and fitness, neurological and paediatric rehabilitation.

Marija Klaric

Phyoga video developer

Originally from Croatia, Marija lives in Italy where she was trained in yoga moves. She has been practicing yoga for nearly ten years. Marija performs in the program videos for Phyoga.




Dr Mehar Nazir

Medical practitioner

Mehar is a medical practitioner with keen interest in writing articles in musculoskeletal ailments in her spare time.







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